Examining Hispanic Preservice Teachers’ Perceptions of Scientists in a Science Methods Course

William Medina-Jerez, Kyndra Middleton
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This article describes the intervention strategies implemented in an effort to affect a group of Hispanic pre-service elementary teachers’ images of scientists during a science methods course in a teacher preparation program in the U.S.-Mexico border region. Although there is an extensive volume of research reporting on the use of the DAST-C instrument to study K-16 students’ images of scientists, the number of studies on exploring and influencing preservice teachers’ views of science and scientists is rather scarce. Findings in this study indicate that a semester-long intervention strategy focused on (a) pre-service teachers’ generated inquiry project, (b) written reflections on inquiry learning, and (c) a pre and post-drawing tests, allowed participants to reflect on their views about scientists and science, and experience a gradual shift from views conforming to stereotypical views of scientists to portrayals of science practitioners as individuals, just like other people in our society pursuing real interests.


DAST test, Images, Preservice teachers, Scientists

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Medina-Jerez, W. & Middleton, K. (2022). Examining Hispanic preservice teachers’ perceptions of scientists in a science methods course. International Journal on Studies in Education (IJonSE), 4(1), 70-87. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonse.62

DOI: https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonse.62


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